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This company delivered a time critical program spanning 4 regions across the globe. Emvisage enabled a global standard and productivity gains of more than 8X their Emvisage investment.

How did they start?

This organisation had a complex program to deliver, spanning four regions across the globe. They were faced with ‘a lot of moving pieces’ – requests, estimates, approval flow and delivery of the work.  With real commercial consequences if metrics were not hit. Using the existing PPM toolset would have required significant implementation/change costs, while the manual approach of spreadsheets, email and documents was labour intensive and did not provide sufficient visibility.

How we enabled

  • Embedded one, consistent approach globally for all initiatives
  • Dashboards provided visibility, de-risking delivery across regions
  • Optimised collaboration between delivery teams and partners
  • Initiation request managed digitally with automated workflow

The results

  • Program delivered on time and within budget.
  • 51% efficiency gain across request, estimation and approval workflow.
  • Time spent on status updates and reporting reduced by 73%

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