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‘We have seen significant time savings as Emvisage can pull up any report we like, quickly and accurately without needing to manually gather the data.’

How did they start?

First Financial set out to improve productivity with their workflow and performance reporting. Managing through a mix of spreadsheets, emails and documents, it was labour intensive to pull together the consolidated view. The key information needed was spread through the different teams and information sources. Spreadsheets were slowing the end to end flow, from advisors to operations and the finance team. To drive growth, the business also needed clear, real-time visibility of performance across teams, products and referral channels.

How we enabled

  • Reports provide real-time, clear visibility of performance for the overall business, teams, advisors, channels, products and more.
  • Reporting effort reduced across both advisor/team performance and financial reconciliation.
  • With a clear understanding of referral volumes and performance, First Financial was able to focus effort at the most productive channels and products.

The results

  • Platform flexibility to fit exactly to First Financials’ job workflow, referral flow and performance reporting.
  • Portal for referrers to quickly log jobs with automated notifications to the relevant team or advisor.
  • Cross-team referral and workflow automation.
  • ‘1 click’, automated reports made it easy so executives, team leads and advisors always have a clear, up to date picture.
  • Embedded process and compliance within the system making it easier for people to do the right things.

With the click of a button, I can immediately see the actual new business won for each team and each team member. It has become the source of truth.

Chris White
Managing Director

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