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Clear visibility brought everyone onto the same page, breaking down the silos and enabling better collaboration.

How did they start?

This well known company runs frequent campaigns through the year. The work to bring these campaigns together was considerable – spanning different teams across Marketing, Sales and Operations. The Go To Market team recognized how important it was for everyone to be on the same page. Otherwise campaigns didn’t get to market smoothly – surprises would catch the business. Relying on a mix of spreadsheets, SharePoint and emails was cumbersome for teams and stakeholders.

How we enabled

  • Brought all campaigns and information into one place – briefs, checklists, and standardised workflow
  • Dashboards provided real-time visibility of pipeline and performance
  • Transparency enabled teams to collaborate better across functions.

The results

  • All stakeholders up to date on what’s in market and future campaigns
  • With clear visibility, this business can respond quickly, adjusting the campaign mix to optimise for the changing market
  • Reduced time and admin throughout the workflow – less time in meetings, reporting and communicating updates

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