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Everyone aligned & accountable. Significant savings in the first two quarters and on track for multi year targets.

How did they start?

A leading and continually improving beverage company, Asahi Beverages had clear strategic intent. The direction for the Supply Chain business unit was well defined, underpinned by 14 strategic initiatives and a multi year program of savings. The challenge was to align the teams across all Australasian sites and ensure the savings targets were achieved.

How we enabled

  • Consolidated visibility provided teams with constant transparency. This clear ‘line of sight’ drove accountability through all levels.
  • Simplicity and ease of use for people was key, as complex tools in the past did not stick.

The results

  • Significant savings in the first 2 quarters, on track for multi year target.
  • Top to bottom alignment of all initiatives across all sites and levels.
  • Effort required to coordinate and track project work greatly reduced.

Emvisage was key to driving strategic alignment, cross business collaboration and helping us stay on track in delivering significant savings.

Toby Partridge
Supply Chain Strategy & Value Asahi Beverages

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