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AGL reduced financial capture and reporting overhead by 90% While bringing  20+ resourcing conversations down to a single review in  Emvisage.

How did they start?

Productivity and efficiency is a key focus for the AGL Platforms team. The challenge was that the data to really drive improvement was not always available. To fill the gap a mix of spreadsheets, emails and shared drives was used.  This provided needed visibility – but the team knew that streamlining this would free everyone up to deliver more.

How we enabled

  • Platform flexibility to fit exactly to AGL’s specific resourcing, budgeting, reporting and accrual processes
  • Reporting and dashboards provided real-time, clear visibility of resource demand, delivery, finances and benefits
  • Bringing all communication and information into one place ensured project knowledge was centralised, accessible and clear

The results

  • Financial capture and reporting overhead reduced by 90%. Status reporting time reduced by more than 65%. 20+ resourcing conversations bought down to a single review meeting.
  • All projects, all deliverables and all portfolio spend clearly aligned to key business drivers visible and shared in minutes.
  • With consistent management of project financials across the team, rolling up to a clear real-time view, finance update meetings became a breeze.

The fact that anyone I showed it to, loved it and they understood it from the second they saw it. That is pretty powerful software.

Emma MacCulloch
AGL Energy

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