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Transparency across clients, regions and teams helped this organisation to hone delivery, improve efficiency and provide a superior customer experience for their clients.

How did they start?

Making it easier, faster and more clear for clients is a key priority for this IT services company. With time critical milestones across client projects, it was challenging for the team to pull everything together. Client reporting was critical, but also consuming considerable resource.

How we enabled

  • The EMV Portal provides clients with clear dashboards of all their work easy collaboration and self serve summary reports.
  • Templates were embedded in the system rather than sitting in spreadsheets – ensuring that key items don’t slip through the cracks.
  • ‘1-click’ reporting automation and centralising all delivery information in one place generally reduced admin for delivery teams.

The results

  • Happier clients – connected and clear on all their work.
  • Efficiency gains across both execution and reporting.
  • Visibility for managers across regions, clients and performance.
  • Improved workflow, risk management and compliance.

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